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Ciarán Duffy creates limited edition artwork of iconic characters

About Ciarán
Ciaran Duffy is an Irish artist, based in the historic market town of Tullow in County Carlow, an area noted for its natural beauty and long history of castles monuments and fine stone fortifications.
Following in the long tradition of Irish portraiture, he creates work which is instantly recognisable, iconic even, of famous persons past and present.

Style Of Art
Ciarán mainly uses pencil and fine line black pens to create each portrait. The main focus of interest would be musicians mainly of the rock metal genre and also of interest are iconic TV and movie characters.

Each print of work released has a finite number of copies. So, when they're gone they're gone. Each piece sold is numbered and signed by Ciarán himself.

Cheers for stopping by and please don’t hesitate to shoot me any questions you may have. CONTACT:


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